Patients who live with back pain quickly learn that their pain seldom responds to traditional medical treatment. When you need effective pain relief, the experienced doctors at Stem Cells Specialist NY can help. Their exceptional holistic care combines exosomes and PRP treatments to promote healing with anti-inflammatory meal plans that prevent inflammation. To schedule an appointment, call the office in the Midtown East neighborhood of New York City, or use the online booking feature.

Back Pain

What causes back pain?

Many patients develop back pain when they stretch or tear the muscles and ligaments supporting their spine. As you get older, however, the vertebrae and discs in your spine become susceptible to degenerative changes caused by years of repetitive movement.

Degenerative conditions cause two key problems that result in chronic back pain: inflammation and nerve compression. Some of the most common degenerative problems include a herniated disc, facet joint osteoarthritis, and degenerative disc disease.

What should I know about symptoms that accompany back pain?

Back pain appears in varying forms and levels of intensity. Your pain may be sharp and debilitating or more like a nagging ache. It can be constant or appear occasionally, often in response to the way you move or when placing extra stress on your back.

Pain at the site of the problem isn’t the only symptom you can experience. When you have a pinched nerve, you may feel tingling, numbness, and pain along the full length of the nerve, often radiating down an arm or leg. A compressed nerve in your neck can cause headaches or dizziness.

What types of treatments improve back pain?

The team at Stem Cells Specialist NY specializes in holistic healing, using regenerative therapies to repair the problem causing your pain, while working with you to develop a healthy meal plan that prevents ongoing systemic inflammation.

Your customized treatment may include regenerative therapies such as:

Exosomes therapy

Exosomes provide exceptional treatment for back pain because they reduce inflammation and heal damaged tissues. These cells naturally divide, creating a new cell that develops into the types of cells needed to heal your back. 

PRP injections

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) contains a large number of platelets, which in turn are packed with growth factors. When PRP is injected directly at injured tissues, the platelets release their growth factors, which go to work recruiting stem cells to the area and stimulating the production of new tissues.

As part of their holistic protocol, the team at Stem Cells Specialist NY also performs an anti-inflammatory intracellular cleanse to support your regenerative treatment. 

If you suffer from back pain, call Stem Cells Specialist NY or book an appointment online.