When you suffer from ongoing spine-related pain, an epidural injection delivers exosomes directly to the source of the problem, where they can reduce inflammation and relieve your pain. The highly-trained doctors at Stem Cells Specialist NY, in the Midtown East neighborhood of New York City, provide holistic treatments that naturally heal your spine so you can return to an active life. Call the office today to schedule an appointment or use the convenient online booking feature.

Epidural Injection

What is an epidural injection?

An epidural injection relieves your pain by injecting exosomes into the space between the spine and the spinal cord. When an injection targets the epidural space, the cells can immediately migrate to the nerves and damaged structures in the area and go to work, rebuilding tissues and reducing inflammation.

When might I need an epidural injection?

The team at Stem Cells Specialist NY may recommend an epidural injection to relieve neck, arm, back, or leg pain that’s caused by inflamed and compressed spinal nerves. Conditions that often cause this type of pain include:

Herniated disc

The inner gel-like center of the disc bulges through a weak spot in the outer covering, pushing against nearby nerves.

Facet joint osteoarthritis

Cartilage in the vertebral joints wears away, leading to arthritic changes such as inflammation and bone spurs that pinch nerves.

Degenerative disc disease

Vertebral discs dry out over the years. As a result, they weaken, collapse, and compress the nerves.

What happens during my epidural injection?

Before your epidural injection, the team at Stem Cells Specialist NY extracts your exosomes and prepares your platelet-rich plasma if it’s being injected alone or with the exosomes.

Exosomes preparation

At Stem Cells Specialist NY, the team takes fat from your abdomen. Then they take your fat sample to their FDA-registered lab, where the exosomes are separated from the fat using their specialized patented process.

PRP preparation

To produce platelet-rich plasma (PRP), your doctor at Stem Cells Specialist NY takes a sample of your blood, then processes it to separate platelets from the other blood components.

Once your injection is ready, the site of your epidural injection is numbed with a local anesthetic. Using a specialized real-time X-ray to visualize your spine, your doctor guides the needle through your skin and into the epidural space close to the targeted nerves and injects your regenerative cells.

How does an epidural injection relieve my pain?

The exosomes in your injection immediately go to work, releasing substances that reduce inflammation. Exosomes also self-replicate, creating new cells to rebuild the damaged soft tissues and structures in your spine. The type of adult exosomes obtained from your fat can regenerate tissues such as muscle, ligament, bone, cartilage, and blood vessels. 

PRP is often combined with exosomes because the platelets release growth factors that support stem cells, protect healthy tissues, and accelerate healing.

If you suffer from back or neck pain, call Stem Cells Specialist NY or schedule an appointment online.