Throughout your life, your body uses adult stem cells to heal and rebuild tissues. The experts at Stem Cells Specialist NY in New York City’s Midtown East harness that natural regenerative ability, using holistic stem cell therapy to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and accelerate healing. You can count on optimal results, as they’re the only treatment center to have patented stem cell processing and strategically formulated guidelines for every condition they treat. To schedule an appointment, call or use the online booking system.

Stem Cell Therapy

What are stem cells and how do they heal my body?

Stem cells naturally self-replicate, producing a new stem cell that can develop into one or more different tissues. Adult stem cells located throughout your body replicate as needed, regenerating new cells to repair injured and diseased tissues.

In addition to tissue regeneration, stem cells also release exosomes, which are small sacs containing biochemicals. As exosomes release their biochemicals, they trigger healing activities in nearby cells.

What types of stem cells are used in my therapy?

The team at Stem Cells Specialist NY uses mesenchymal stem cells. When these cells are collected, concentrated, and injected at the site of damaged tissues, they reduce inflammation and produce new stem cells that can develop into muscle, tendon, ligament, bone, collagen, and blood vessels.

There are two primary sources of stem cells:

Autologous stem cells

Autologous stem cells come from your own body fat, which is an excellent source of mesenchymal stem cells. The doctors at Stem Cells Specialist NY use a local anesthetic and liposuction to remove a small amount of fat from your abdomen.

After your fat sample is extracted, it’s processed in the on-site, FDA-registered lab using their advanced patented process. Their specialized process yields a greater number of stem cells compared with other techniques. They don’t alter your stem cells nor add other unnecessary substances to your stem cell injection.

Umbilical stem cells

These stem cells come from umbilical cord blood that’s donated by women following delivery. Umbilical cord blood is a rich source of mesenchymal stem cells, as well as other types of stem cells that can be used to treat diseases of the blood and immune systems, such as leukemia, anemia, and autoimmune diseases.

What health conditions are treated with stem cell therapy?

While your body normally sends stem cells to heal your injuries, injecting a large number of stem cells accelerates the healing process and reduces inflammation so you get quick pain relief. Stem cell therapy is especially beneficial if you have a severe injury, or if your injury is slow to heal.

The doctors at Stem Cells Specialist NY are experts in using stem cells to treat many health conditions, including:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Systemic lupus
  • Back pain
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Tendon and ligament injuries
  • Tendinitis and bursitis

They also use stem cell therapy as part of a holistic weight loss program designed to provide long-term solutions for overweight and obesity.

To learn more about stem cell treatment, call Stem Cells Specialist NY or schedule an appointment online.